• 1. You Can Sweat It Out

    This is one of the oldest myths in the book. Our moms have all had us do it: covering up with extra blankets, sticking our head over a bowl of hot water – all in the hopes that we will sweat the cold out. It simply does not work.

  • 2. Don’t Drink Milk

    I always remember my mom saying “milk equals mucous.” In actuality, milk does not cause a build up of mucous at all – you can drink as much of it as you like and it will have no effect on your cold.

  • 3. Starve Your Fever

    Even the phrase, “starve a fever” is archaic. This is a complete myth. Eating healthily when you are sick will only help you recover faster. Good soup is, in fact, good for the soul, and good for your fever. Myth busted!

  • 4. Vitamin C Overdose!

    This is one of mom’s favorite myths and is still considered to be the gold standard among young people. While you can’t go wrong by taking vitamin and mineral supplements, don’t expect for them to be a miracle cure. The only thing that cures a cold is time, time, time.

  • 5. The Best Remedy is Alcohol

    Mom may not have recommended this one but it is still a favorite belief among most men. Unfortunately, your virus is not “afraid” of vodka.

  • No Myth: Zicam helps you get rid of your cold faster

    If you have to endure a cold at least you can have some relief. There is no reason to deal with the misery every moment: the stuffy nose, the sleepless nights, and the congestion. Although Zicam will not cure your cold, you’ll be able to sail right through it.