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What Does It Take To Land An Internship At BuzzFeed *Life Changing Opportunity*

Hello there, my name is Jipar (Zhypar) and I’m 22 y.o., girl who is passionate about photography and media sphere. And during my junior year in college, I discovered BUZZFEED!

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However, I knew that it would be hard to get an invite from BuzzFeed even for an interview...

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Chris describes it pretty accurate...I applied for about 60 positions over two years and only twice got an email about the second round.

So I made an initial research on how to get a job at BuzzFeed

Jipar Chotonova / Via

I think I've read/watched hundreds of articles and videos by now.

And finally I KNEW what else I should do to land an internship at BuzzFeed: EXPERIMENT!!

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