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    13 Things Only Die-Hard "High School Musical" Fans Will Understand

    No one else gets it.

    1. Blocking out a solid four hours the night a new movie premiered so you could watch both showings on The Disney Channel.

    2. Reading (and writing!) fanfiction about your favorite couples.

    3. Getting extremely defensive about the Zac Efron/Drew Seeley singing... situation.

    4. Memorizing the choreography for "We're All in This Together" because you've seen it so many times.

    5. Screaming at Troy's glo-up between the first and second movie.

    6. And belting along to any song in the ~conflicted Troy~ suite.

    7. Wondering why Kelsi Nielson wasn't getting paid by the school for composing not ONE, but TWO original musicals.

    8. Sobbing during "Gotta Go My Own Way" in HSM 2.

    9. Knowing the lyrics to the songs in the deleted scenes (and judging any fan who doesn't).

    10. Dragging your friends and family with you to see High School Musical 3.

    11. Wanting a group of friends as epic and talented as the East High Crew.

    12. Being suspicious about High School Musical 4.

    13. And finally, knowing that you'll always be a part of the Wildcat family.


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