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13 Things Only Die-Hard "High School Musical" Fans Will Understand

No one else gets it.

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2. Reading (and writing!) fanfiction about your favorite couples.

Disney / Via Tumblr

Okay, picture this: Chad's an out-of-work actor in Los Angeles and Taylor's a talent agent. Three thousand words, two installments, and one steamy romance.

3. Getting extremely defensive about the Zac Efron/Drew Seeley singing... situation.

Disney / Via Tumblr

So maybe Zac didn't sing all the songs in the first movie. But the first three lines of "Start of Something New" are DEFINITELY all him!

6. And belting along to any song in the ~conflicted Troy~ suite.


Getcha Head in the Game in HSM1, Bet On It in HSM2, and Scream in HSM3. I'm mad about being promoted to golf instructor, too, boo. Let's sing about it together.

7. Wondering why Kelsi Nielson wasn't getting paid by the school for composing not ONE, but TWO original musicals.

Disney / Via Tumblr

No wonder she got that scholarship to Juilliard — homegirl was writing thirteen songs in ten different keys every school year, dealing with Ms. Darbus, and whispering almost the entire time.

9. Knowing the lyrics to the songs in the deleted scenes (and judging any fan who doesn't).

Disney / Via Tumblr

Alright, so you might know "Breaking Free" — but what about "Humuhumunukunukuapua'a" or "I Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You?" And you call yourself a fan? You'll have to try again, sis — maybe the spring musicale.

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