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    The Italian-Burrito Mash-Up That Needs To Get In Your Belly

    Forget Chipotle. Throw Away Your Sushirrito. Piada Italian Street Food should be your new food obsession.

    Let me introduce you to Piada Italian Street Food.


    Locations in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana.

    They are similar to Chipotle, with an assembly line setup that results in...

    Their signature dish -- a PIADA!!


    Piadas are custom-rolled wraps in a stone-grilled, thin-crusted dough made from organic flour and extra virgin olive oil with numerous pastas, meats, cheeses, sauce and vegetables as toppings.



    Get in my belly...

    Yes, please.

    They also serve chopped salads...

    Customized pasta bowls...

    Fried calamari...


    Plus Spinach and Artichoke Dip...

    And Cannoli chips for dessert!

    People even camp out for the openings!


    #dedication #deliciousfood

    Plus, they already have a food truck!

    Now go dream about yummy Piadas and hope a location opens near you soon!

    Or suggest they open one in your hood here.

    1. Would you try this Italian-Burrito confection?

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    Would you try this Italian-Burrito confection?
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      YES! Get me to the Midwest at once!
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      Yes, but I'll wait until one opens near me.
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      Nah, not into food or happiness really.
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