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First Round's Holiday Parody Video Is Everything You Need

Sia's Chandelier, Meghan Trainor's All About That Bass, Sam Smith's Stay With Me, Pharrell Williams' Happy, some Taylor Swift, and more...

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First Round Capital, a VC firm that specializes in seed-funding for tech companies, released an AMAZING mashup parody video.

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First Round Capital / Via
First Round Capital / Via

"Yeah, my VC they told me “don’t worry about your size”

They say, “just concentrate on making your numbers rise”

You know this won’t be no typical Silicon Valley song

So if that’s what you’re into then go ahead and move along..."

Some sultry brooding...

First Round Capital / Via

"Yes it’s true, I need to drive my user demand

I don’t want to hit you with Facebook spam

Just a great social media plan

If we work hard we will build a brand..."


First Round Capital / Via

"I just started a brand new trend

You might think it’s odd but one day you will wake

And to the blogger over there who says I don’t have a prayer

I know one day you will get it, I’m no fake, fake, fake..."


First Round Capital / Via

"Cause this founder’s here to say, say, say, say, say

That disruption’s here to stay, stay, stay, stay, stay

Big players gonna quake, quake, quake, quake, quake

We’re taking off, taking off..."

We're Sorry, RebelMouse!

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First Round Capital / Via
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