Dino Gummies Rule The World

Haribo’s Dinosaur Gummies are a delicious treat, but they are SO much more…

1. Haribo makes amazing gummies…particularly those of the dinosaur persuasion.

2. They are tasty, beautiful, and…

3. They like to dance…

Zach Galehouse

T-Rex conga line!

4. Sometimes they get hangry too…

Zach Galehouse

5. But all can be mended — #FrankensteinGummies

Zach Galehouse

6. Some of them believe in peace and unity…

Zach Galehouse

7. All in all, Haribo has produced some very well-rounded dinos — which is probably why they taste so amazing!

Zach Galehouse

*Note: well-roundedness is not edibility transferable, though it is not frowned upon to eat an entire bag trying


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