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20 Unconventional Modes Of Transportation You Never Knew You Wanted

These aren't your typical bikes and cars.

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Relive the glory days of your childhood with this Adult Size Big Wheel ($650). Reinforced for grown-man-sized individuals — 275 lbs max on this model — these puppies feature hardened steel frames, metal flake glossy paint, alloy rims, a fully adjustable seat, and all the power slides you can handle. Oh, and we won't need to remind you to remove the bell and tassels first thing.

2. Balmain DIY Sailboat Kit - $2,590

If you're in the market for a rewarding summer weekend project, then check out the Balmain DIY Sailboat Kit ($2,590) — it has everything you need to build a fully-functioning small sailboat in your backyard or garage workshop. The kit comes with all of the wood, hardware, sealant, and glue you need, along with a sail, ropes, mast, boom, and gaff. A step-by-step instruction manual with detailed construction notes will walk you through each step of the process. All you need to provide are some simple hand tools, aquatic paint, and elbow grease. Also, a nearby body of water wouldn't hurt.

3. CONNOR WOOD BIKES - $3,500-$4,500

Forget carbon fiber — if you really want to standout from the crowd, ride a bike made of wood. Connor Wood Bikes ($3,500-$4,500) are exactly that, sporting frames made from steam bent, hand-sculpted, and Kevlar reinforced ash and walnut with protective marine spar varnish finishes. Made in Denver, they're available in two models — the Scorcher and Cruiser — feature leather seats and 29r wheels with fat tires, and can be specced with extras like a small, medium, or large frame, single or two-speed gearhubs, and switchback or gull wing handlebars. Probably not the best for jumping fires, though.


4. SCROOSER - $3,950

While it might take an illusion to make you look cool on a Segway, the same can't be said for the Scrooser ($3,950). An unusual cross between a lowrider bike and a Vespa, this scooter amplifies the force you generate by pushing off with a small, rechargeable electronic motor in its wheel hub. The fat tires let you carve the streets and sidewalks, cruising at speeds of up to 15 mph (front disk brakes and rear engine brakes let you stop if you lose control). Thanks to an aluminum body, it only weights 61 pounds, so it's also easy to move and store.


The paddle-powered kayak has been a reliable mode of transportation for ages — but unfortunately, there are some places they simply can't reach without some mechanical help. For those times, there's the Mokai Motorized Kayak ($4,800). Powered by a 4-stroke Subaru EX21 electric start engine that's coupled to Mokai's proprietary jet drive, this polyethylene boat can manage shallow waters and potential hazards like a champ, letting you reach fishing, hunting, and remote camping sites that were previously unaccessible.


It's no secret that gas prices are high, and it only looks like they're going to keep rising. But we still have to get to work — so if you can get over being the geek on the little green machine, the Rover Electric Scooter ($5,920) might be what you need. With a fully-electric, rechargeable motor, it has a range of 32 miles and a top speed of 33 mph. All-weather tires, a smartphone holder, lightweight aluminum construction, and LED lights make it a pretty versatile vehicle. Also available in black, white, and purple.

7. MAX ATVS - $9,500

Forget four wheels — if you want a vehicle that can go wherever is necessary, you need six. Max ATVs ($9,500 and up) have been tearing through the wilderness since 1969, utilizing their six-wheel drive systems and amphibious capabilities to get wherever their owners needed to go. Built in Buffalo, NY, they come in three models — the Max II, which holds two passengers plus cargo, the Max IV, which can hold up to four passengers and slightly less cargo, and the Buffalo, the world's first amphibious dump truck. They may not be as pretty as a new four-wheeler, but when your four-wheeling buddy is stuck on the other side of the creek, you won't care a bit.



Named after the nuclear powered icebreaking ship built to traverse the wintry wasteland of Arctic seas, the Ural Yamal Limited Edition Sidecar Motorcycle ($14,250) might not break apart ice, but it will certainly draw attention. Powered by a boxer engine with Brembo brakes for equal stopping power, this unique ride comes in powder coated flat orange with black accents and features additional lighting, a knobby spare tire, hand guards, an ore — no joke — and menacing teeth graphics. Only 50 available stateside, so get your order in now.

9. HOTTUG - $14,800+

Hot tubs/jacuzzis are common on upper-class seafaring vessels, but what if your vessel was literally a hot tub? In that case, you'd be sailing along in a HotTug (€11,450; roughly $14,800 and up). This ingenious little boat is made from wood and fitted with glass fiber reinforced polyester, uses a stainless steel stove with a single wall pipe to keep the water as warm as you like, and is powered by either an electric or standard outboard motor. Used to having company in the water? Not to worry, as this boat can hold six to eight people.

10. HOT TUB BOAT - $42,000

Some boats have hot tubs. This boat is a hot tub. The Hot Tub Boat ($42,000) is a 16' boat, built in Seattle, with an 8' hot tub built in. As you enjoy the 104° water, you can cruise at up to 5 mph for up to 10 hours, controlling the action from a joystick at the aft. Life jackets optional.

11. Golf Cart Hovercraft - $58,000

You might not be able to pull off the combination frat shag, mullet quite like Bubba, (or bend a ball through the trees) but you can still cruise the course in style in your own Golf Cart Hovercraft ($58,000). Easily float over sand traps and water hazards thanks to a 65 horsepower two-cylinder engine with a nine-blade fan, at speeds of up to 45mph. This cart fits up to four passengers, and can hold two golf bags in the open rear compartment. Meets U.S. Coast Guard standards for hovercrafts and includes a trailer for easy towing.



We've seen plenty of high-end sports cars borrow technology from F1 racing, but a single-seater urban commuter? That's exactly what you'll find in the Renault Twizy Sport F1 Concept ($TBA). By borrowing the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) from Renault's F1 cars, the Twizy Sport can boost nearly 100hp, dashing from 0-62 mph nearly as quickly as the flagship Mégane R.S. road car. Other unique features include slick racing tires, a front splitter, side-pods, a huge rear wing, diffuser, and an F1-style rain light. As you might imagine, we wouldn't expect to see one on the street this year, or the next, or pretty much ever.

13. TONKE CAMPERS - $123,000-$133,000

We often speak of something melding the old and the new, but it's still pretty rare to such a literal example as these Tonke Campers (€95,000-€103,000; roughly $123,000-$133,000). These intriguing vehicles pair a retro, gypsy cart-style camper with a modern Mercedes truck, creating a happy juxtaposition of looks on the outside. On the inside, you'll find a yacht-style interior, with room for two or three people depending on the model, and expected niceties like showers, toilets, kitchens, and beds. Each one is custom designed and built-to-order in the company's workshop, so if you'd like to get your hands on one this summer, you'd best get moving.

14. WATERCAR PANTHER - $135,000

Since seeing the scene in The Spy Who Loved Me when Roger Moore's Lotus Esprit turned into a submarine, we've dreamed of our own amphibious car. And, even though it's no submersible, the Watercar Panther ($135,000) is the next best thing — a car that's comfortable on the land and the water. At a weight of 3,000 pounds, and sporting a 3.7 liter V-6 VTEC Honda engine, it's capable of land speeds of 80-plus mph. A waterproof fiberglass hull and water jet engine lets it do over 40 on the water. Not to mention it's a capable off road vehicle. That's enough to make even 007 jealous.


You spent an awful lot on your sleek new Jaguar, so why would you want to ruin the design by hauling some fiberglass abomination behind it? The Jaguar Speedboat Concept ($TBA) is designed to compliment the company's cars with sleek lines, and features a gel coat fiberglass hull, natural teak decking, a red 2+1 cabin, and a polished aluminum propeller. Be sure to keep your eye out for the XJ-inspired fuel filler caps and D-Type-inspired carbon fiber fin, should you ever be so lucky as to actually see this thing in the flesh.



"Can you swim?" 007 famously asked before driving his Lotus Esprit ($TBA) off the end of a pier, escaping from a pesky helicopter, and startling Bond girl Anya Amasova in The Spy Who Loved Me. But, as it turns out, her swimming skills were unnecessary, when the car turned into a fully-functioning submarine, complete with ship-to-air missiles, props, control surfaces, and more. While it probably won't come equipped with any high-powered explosives, you can own this original 1977 piece of film history — that is, if you're lucky enough to be the highest bidder. And yes, it does actually work.

17. WALLY 55 POWERBOAT - $2,400,000

Don't let its aggressive outward appearance fool you — belowdecks, the Wally 55 Powerboat ($2.4 million) is every bit a luxury sports cruiser. Available with two or three cabins, and space to accommodate a crew member, it can comfortably sleep up to five passengers. A fully-appointed galley and several restrooms with showers mean you don't have to leave the comforts of home when you take to the sea. Four Volvo IPS600 engines producing 435 horsepower apiece push this yacht through the water at an impressive pace of 40 knots. The deck has plenty of space for sunbathing and relaxing (concealed by a wraparound windscreen), and a hydraulic swim ladder makes a perfect launch point for taking a dip.

18. FLYING HOVERCRAFT - $190,000

Yes, it's completely crazy, and yes, it really is real. The Flying Hovercraft ($190,000) is exactly what it says: a hovercraft with integrated wings that allow it to fly. Thanks to its turbocharged, 130hp engine, 60-inch wood/carbon composite thrust propeller, fiberglass/PVC hull, horizontal elevator, and 1,100 rpm lift fan, it can clear obstacles up to 20 feet in height, letting you hop over obstacles that would leave a typical hovercraft high and dry. Or wet. Something like that.


Become your own Steve Zissou with the U-Boat Worx C-Explorer 5 ($TBA). Available in both 100- and 200-meter models, the C-Explorer 5 is a five-person compact submersible that lets you explore the sea depths in dry comfort. Features include a smart deflatable ballast tank system, air-conditioning, up to 43.2 kWh of battery capacity, a 360-degree acrylic pressure hull that allows for amazing views, and a below-surface cruising speed of 3 knots. A perfect complimentary toy for your private yacht.

20. SAKER S-1 PERSONAL JET - $7,000,000

If you've got a few extra bills burning a hole in the pockets of your flight suit, err cargo shorts, and you don't feel like waiting in line for a G6, it might be time to consider pre-ordering a Saker S-1 Personal Jet ($7,000,000). Sure, it's a bit on the pricey side, but you can't put a cost on the time you'll save traveling across the country at Mach .99. (With a 5,000 hour TBO on the engines and an operating cost of $2 per nautical mile, it's actually pretty cheap to run.) And, even though it looks like a jet fighter, you don't need any special training to fly it — good news for your G6 pilot.

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