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    • zeyda

      Yes people the illuminati is real. The devil is so crafty in his approach, he does the smae thinh with the illuminati as he does Jesus but backwards. He doesn’t care if people get ministered to and are told Yeshua (Jesus) is real, the devil just says, ” I’ll just tell em it ain’t real”. So the same with the Illuminati, but reverse, people lay out allot of information about the illuminati and still by and by people just don’t believe it’s real, and that’s the gaem satan is running throough your minds. Wake up people, the God of heaven and earth is rule, Yeshua (Jesus) is real, the Bible is real, and what it says is coming to passs even now, but so many ignorant people refuse to believe. It’s a shame believing is so easy to do. My ancestors and dead family members were apart of the Masons, they trick you and tell you it’s a good organization and you have to believe in God to get in and be a person of morals and a bunch of other lies, they don’t care the people at the bottom of the pyramid are literally puppets, but the big ones on top of the pyramid are really Satan worhippers. After awhile and you go throuh the ranks of becoming up to the 33rd Degree Mason, you begin to really be enlightened as to who your really worshipping and by that time you’re threatened. The badthing about it is when you get initiated into this organization you actually pronounce curses on yourself and your bloodline, I know I am luck to be a believer in Yeshua (Jesus) so I was able to get deliverance counseling to remove the many generational curses off my life. These people who are members have sold their soul to satan, but as long as they have breath in their body they can repent and ask Yeshua (Jesus) to be Lord and Savior, and it will come at a price, it’s different for everyone, but better than spending eternity in hell. Since I was fighting this stuff on a spiritual level, I have much experience and knowledge, much to much to write down. This Illuminati does play hard ball, don’t mess around with evil things which you don’t understand, it could cost you your life.

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