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    • Zeus1562

      Where do I start , what is an American? well history tell us Americans or Anglo-Saxons come from Europe, So that been said it means all white people or so call Americans are immigrants and the only real Americans are the Native American Indians which the white people kill and stole their land. So if you do not like to see an Indian girl win the beauty contest fell free to go back to Europe. And what can I say about comments like: an Arab, Al-queda or terrorist. What can we say about our education system when the so call Americans do not know what is the difference between an Indian and an Arab ( they are from different countries) Ladies and Gentlemen Racisms is just a pour display of ignorance, please educate your self before posting such a comments because by not doing it you are showing to the world WHAT A BUCH OF INBRED RED NECKS, UNEDUCATED RACIST BASTARDS AMERICANS ARE.

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