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    16 Pictures That Prove Perth Is Actually One Of The Best Cities In Australia

    If you think Perth is boring AF, get ready to be proven wrong.

    1. Perth has the most breathtaking sunsets.

    BuzzFeed / Zeta Morgan

    And better yet, it you can watch it set over the ocean.

    2. Twenty minutes from the city and you can be swimming at a beach like this:

    3. Imagine diving into this pristine water?!

    4. And sharing it with this many people.

    5. If you drive three hours south, this is what you'll find...

    6. Perth has some of the best coffee in the country.

    7. You can sip on a crisp glass of wine while overlooking the incredible views of WA's oldest wine region.

    8. The Swan River is the perfect place to check out the city skyline.

    9. And there's Kings Park Botanic Gardens, a beautiful leafy escape right next to the city.

    10. Rottnest Island is only a short ferry ride away.

    11. You can live in a house like this, probably for about half the price you'd pay in Sydney.

    12. Hey Melbourne: you aren't the only one with cool bars.

    13. There's always a new pop up bar or festival to check out over summer.

    14. And then there's The Bird, an institution among locals.

    15. And it's the home of Little Creatures. Need I say more?

    16. I rest my case. Perth = cool.

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