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    I Tried Making Pavlova In An Air Fryer And I'm Getting Rid Of My Oven

    I was absolutely not prepared for this.

    The iconic pavlova. Aussies love it and Kiwis try to claim it. It's the main event of a Christmas lunch and a dessert all Aussies have a ~secret~ recipe for.

    I decided it was only fair to the iconic pav, to introduce it to everyone's new favourite appliance — the air fryer.

    BuzzFeed/Zeta Morgan

    I am relatively new to this whole air frying business, but oh boy have I done some experiments. So naturally this was the next step.

    My goal was simple: Make a pav in my sexy hunk of an air fryer (his name is Phillip). Up until this moment, I thought he had no limits, but would this be the experiment that broke him?

    BuzzFeed/Zeta Morgan

    For this to be a success I had to meet three simple criteria. Was it fluffy? Was it delicious? And would Grandma be proud?

    First off, I had to consult my mate Google to figure out how to make a bloody pavlova.


    How many times have I made a pav? Many. Do I know the recipe? Hard no.

    To start with, you have to beat the egg whites until they're airy.

    BuzzFeed/Zeta Morgan

    I used three eggs, because Phillip can't handle anymore than that.

    Then, slowly add the sugar to the eggs until they look like pillowy clouds or, in my case, boobs.

    BuzzFeed/Zeta Morgan

    I used 1/2 cup of caster sugar.

    Next, some vinegar (still don't know why) and some vanilla essence, because it makes everything taste infinitely better.

    BuzzFeed/Zeta Morgan

    Add 1/2 teaspoon of each.

    At this point, my confidence was high. My meringue, she was glossy. Everything was going to plan. Now, all I had to do was chuck the pav in Phillip and pray to the science experiment gods.

    BuzzFeed/Zeta Morgan

    Just call me Heston Blumenthal.

    I definitely guessed the temperature and amount of time, but what's a culinary experiment without a little bit of guesswork?

    BuzzFeed/Zeta Morgan

    I put it in for 15 minutes at 150°C for those playing at home.

    15 minutes later, a burnt smell started to radiate through my kitchen.

    BuzzFeed/Zeta Morgan

    This is where I sensed something may be going wrong. My kitchen was filling with the smell of burnt hair and singed paper. Honestly, my hopes and dreams of a pav that would make Granny proud were evaporating. PHILLIP WHY?! Why were you burning my pav?!

    After many moments of watching my hopes and dreams fade, the timer went off and it was time for the moment of truth. Did I successfully cook a pav in an air fryer? Was I about to change the future of cooking?


    BuzzFeed/Zeta Morgan

    She was mildly singed — thanks Phillip — but other wise pillowy and unharmed.

    I don't think I've ever been more shocked or impressed with my culinary skills.

    BuzzFeed/Zeta Morgan

    She was fluffy, she looked beautiful, she tasted great and honestly Grandma would have been impressed.

    Watch the whole journey below and subscribe to BuzzFeedOz on YouTube for more air fryer experiments!

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