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    Updated on Apr 29, 2020. Posted on Apr 28, 2020

    Meet Anish Parmar – The Young Underdog Entrepreneur Taking The Marketing Space By Storm

    While most teenagers and young adults spend their time on social media or party at university, Anish Parmar spends his time building his personal marketing brand and online following to give advice and enable young entrepreneurs to thrive on social media.

    Born and bred in Birmingham, UK – When Anish Parmar was young, he never had the connections to build a business that enables him to give him the financial freedom that he has today. However, at the age of 18 that has all changed, Anish Parmar now currently owns his own marketing business guided as his personal brand that he built from the ground up and is now also helping other young entrepreneurs start their own businesses all around the world.

    He first found his love for entrepreneurship at the early age of 14, where he was modifying levels in games like “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” and “Grand Theft Auto 5”on his PlayStation 3. The modifications he was doing allowed him to rank up faster in competitive games – and it had an advantage, giving him an edge compared to lower ranked players. However, Anish quickly saw this as a business opportunity and started offering this as a service – and this is how he first started making money online.

    From this side hustle, Anish started registering on online forums to discuss modifications for other games and other consoles. However, despite signing up on a buzzing forum, Anish later rapidly realised later down the line that the online modification or the “modding” community was stagnant and dying.

    Two years later, using the connections he built up in the online “modding” scene, Anish joined various other online forums in late 2016, and then used his connections that he previously made to start reselling rare prestigious social media handles on sites like Snapchat and Telegram.

    Fast forward four years later to the age of 18 year’s old and Anish Parmar has now started his own personal brand that helps business owners, entrepreneurs and social media influencers with their own marketing strategies. From content marketing to viral social media growth – Anish Parmar has shown himself and to others that he’s an expert in various fields.

    However, it wasn’t always easy for Anish, as even to this day, people still doubt his marketing and personal branding skills because of his age. Truth be told, many business owners and entrepreneurs still ask him the dreaded question “What do you actually know about personal branding and scaling businesses? You’re still a teenager. How can you honestly help our business with your marketing strategies?” Nevertheless, this still motivates Anish to be the best version of himself that he can become and still help his clients with his marketing services – no matter what people think about him or his age.

    Anish states, “Why care about what people think of your age? Let alone what people think of you at all? Focus on growing your own mindset and business and watch everything else fall into place. People judge you every day. Just be yourself. I learned that from young.”

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