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50 Beers With Local Pride

With their names, labels and back stories, these brews represent for their home states. It’s just like the fifty nifty United States, but with beer. For more hoppy goodness check out Beer Week on the Zerve blog.

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1. Alabama: Avondale Brewing Co. Miss Fancy's Tripel

This Alabama brew comes with a story of elephantine proportions. Miss Fancy the elephant was brought into the Birmingham Zoo--then located in Avondale Park-- when she was claimed as a prize in an assumedly epic poker game.

4. Arkansas: Superior Bathhouse Brewery & Distillery

Okay, so this beer doesn’t technically exist yet. And this photo is actually from a t-shirt. But Superior Bathhouse, a planned brewery within Hot Springs National Park, has a name and story too good not to share: the brewery’s building has been renovated to feature the park’s natural thermal spring water-- this time as a base for beer brewing, not hot tubbing. Just think of it as a reason to go out of your way to visit Arkansas!

5. California: Uncommon Brewers Golden State Ale

California’s state flower, the poppy, inspires both the label and the recipe for this ale-- the crisp Belgian taste is enhanced by toasted poppy seeds for ultimate state pride.

7. Connecticut: Two Roads Brewing Co. Igor’s Dream

Pour one out for Igor Sikorsky, who in 1939 realized his dream with the successful lift-off of the first practical helicopter in Two Roads’ stomping grounds, Stratford, Connecticut.

8. Delaware: Fordham Brewing Company Rosie Parks Oyster Stout

This stout is inspired by beloved Chesapeake Bay skipjack Rosie Parks, owned by the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. Appropriately, the beer is an oyster stout with oysters sourced from right in Rosie Park’s very home.

9. Florida: Cigar City Brewing Tocobaga Red Ale

It’s easy to associate Florida with Hawaiian shirts and ill-advised tans, but this beer by Cigar City Brewing puts a twist on the company’s Florida theme. The Tocobaga Red Ale label pays homage to a Native American chiefdom that lived in Tampa Bay during the 16th century.

10. Georgia: Burnt Hickory Brewery Big Shanty Graham Cracker Stout

Big Shanty was the original name for the brewery’s hometown of Kennesaw, Georgia-and the brewery couldn’t let that awesome name fall by the wayside of history.

11. Hawaii: Maui Brewing Co. Big Swell IPA

A Maui brewery sounds like the perfect setting for a sitcom. Or, you know, life. Since we can’t all pack up and move to the beach, we can stare into the undulating blue of this IPA beer can and hope we win a free trip to Hawaii sometime soon.

14. Indiana: Cutters Brewing Co. Half Court IPA

Did you know Indiana was named the center of basketball by the sport’s very inventor, James Naismith, in 1925? Neither did we, but I think it calls for a pint of this hoppy beer to celebrate.

16. Kansas: Free State Beer Ad Astra Ale

This lovely starry sky takes its name from the Kansas state motto, Ad Astra per Aspera, Latin for "To the Stars Through Difficulties.” Excuse us while we clutch bottles of these while looking stoicly into the night.

18. Louisana: Bayou Teche Biere LA 31 Biere Pale

Bayou Teche's Biere Pale brings out the more genteel side of NOLA (as opposed to, say, Mardis Gras), with its label representing Louisiana’s Highway 31 flanked by the state’s ubiquitous pelicans. Also, who can resist French?

20. Maryland: Union Craft Brewing Duckpin Pale Ale

This beer not only gives a shoutout to one of Baltimore’s favorite pastimes, but evokes a bowling alley with pins replaced with cans of pale ale. Or is that just us? Nevermind.

22. Michigan: Atwater Beer Detroit Grand Circus

This Detroit beer takes its name from the city’s Grand Circus Park Historic District, a site of many historic landmarks, one of which was General Custer’s eulogy for Abraham Lincoln after his assassination. Beer and history DO go together.

26. Montana: Harvest Moon Brewing Company Charlie Russell Red

A quick search reveals that Mr. Charlie Russell was a “consummate Westerner, historian, advocate of the Northern Plains Indians, cowboy, outdoorsman, writer, philosopher, environmentalist, conservationist, and not least, artist” who made over 4,000 works of art inspired by Montana. And now beer label cover boy!

28. Nevada: Great Basin Brewing Company Ichthyosaur “Icky” IPA

Fossils from the ichthyosaur, an ancient marine mammal that swam in the waters over central Nevada 225 million years ago, are preserved for posterity in the Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park, which also preserves an old ghost town. Great Basin Brewing made a good decision in making the dolphin dinosaur the star of its label.

29. New Hampshire: 603 Brewery 18-Mile Ale

There are two numbers you need to know, regarding New Hampshire: 18 and 603. At 18 miles, the coastline is the nation’s shortest; 603 is the the state’s only area code. New Hampshire out.

33. North Carolina: Natty Greene's Brewing Co. Buckshot Amber Ale

Headin’ down south, to the land of the pines... In 2011, the Census found that 335,000 North Carolina residents over 16 hunted. It makes sense that their beer is called buckshot, the name of a hunting bullet.

34. North Dakota: Edwinton Brewing Company Lou Belgian IPA

Since North Dakota is known for its harsh distribution laws, any one of its three-- count ‘em, three-- craft breweries could be said to have local pride. They fought for that spot! However, who could resist making LOU a state representative? Not us.

37. Oregon: Deschutes Brewery Chainbreaker IPA

Nothing says Oregon more than bicycling and outdoorsy activities.We imagine that locals take pride in breaking in their bike chains on an especially hard trail-- or maybe that they relish watching it happen to the unprepared out-of-towner.

39. Rhode Island: Grey Sail Brewing Bring Back the Beach Blonde Ale

Would it really be Rhode Island without its beaches? Would it really be a trip to the beach at sunset without framing it in a heart with your fingers for a photo, then filter-ing it within an inch of its life on Instagram? In this instance, though, the heart’s got heart- all profits from this beer were donated to efforts to rebuild coastal areas affected by Hurricane Sandy.

40. South Carolina: Palmetto Charleston Lager

As a main tourism hub of South Carolina, Charleston is allll about the relaxation. In case you’re not kicking back on the southern coast with this lager, this label takes care of the view.

42. Tennessee: Tennessee Brew Works House Beer

The growlers at Tennessee Brew Works honors the state’s music history with its “Finely Tuned” tagline and gee-tar in the logo. Maybe we’ll see it on stage of the Grand Ole Opry someday!

44. Utah: Epic Brewing Spiral Jetty IPA

No, Spiral Jetty isn’t the name of the state’s newest cult leader under fire. It’s a famous earthwork from artist Robert Smithson “installed” on the shore of the Great Salt Lake in 1970. Educate yourself (by drinking).

46. Virginia: Parkway Brewing Bridge Builder Blonde

The stunning views from the Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway would not be possible without the hard work of the men, largely immigrants, who built it. This brew’s name brings a whole new meaning to “these guys deserve a beer.”

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