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    • zenon

      Very cool video. These are Snow Geese. Just a correction to Buzzfeed’s commentary: these birds are not in the process of migrating to British Columbia. When this video was shot, their migration was complete. They will be in the Fraser estuary until spring when they will return to Siberia for the breeding season. I also have some doubt about the attributed numbers of geese shown in the video. The population that winters in the Fraser estuary is estimated at between 30 and 80 K per year. Usually once they have arrived, they split into groups so you don’t usually see the entire population in one place. Estimating numbers of individuals in a large group with accuracy is difficult, but this looks more like 2 or 3 thousand rather than 50 K as the post suggests, but it’s kind of hard to judge from the video. If you’re in the Vancouver area and are interested in the birds, try to find your way to Reifel Sanctuary (yes, the name is somewhat ironic!) in Delta/Ladner to see these amazing birds along with many other species. It’s well worth the trip.

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