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You Need To Try This 100% Yellow Pea Pasta That Tastes Like The Real Deal

ZENB Pasta has the same delicious taste and texture as traditional pasta, but with pea-packed benefits!

Have you been searching for a delicious gourmet pasta that also happens to be good for you? Look no further.

Dry rotini pasta in pan

ZENB Pasta is a tasty, gluten-free pasta alternative made from 100% yellow peas — that's it! Because it's made from the whole legume — including the skin — it has an elevated flavor and fantastic texture.

Woman eating a gourmet pasta dinner

The pasta's decadent flavor makes it ideal for at-home meals that appease any palette — from die-hard pasta lovers to GF-alternative trailblazers.

Person holding a glass near pasta dish

Plus, you can get it in three fun shapes: rotini, penne, and elbow.

Elbow macaroni close-up

Not only does ZENB pasta taste good but it's also nutritious.

Penne noodles on kitchen counter

And what goes perfectly with pasta? A savory, chef-inspired sauce!

Sweet carrot and tomato marinara sauce near fresh carrots

Ready to make plant-fueled dishes from your kitchen to really taste what plants can do? Check out all ZENB products on