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12 People We've All Gone Out To Eat With

Group dinners are great. And now there’s an easy way to split the bill at the end of them: Zelle®. With Zelle®, you can send money fast to almost anyone with a bank account in the US. Look for it in your banking app, then pay back the friend who put down the credit card!

1. The “I’ll have the oysters, and then the lobster” orderer.

2. The extreme meal auditor.

3. The wallet-forgetter.

4. The English major who really doesn’t understand numbers.

5. The appetizer-pusher.

6. The substitution extraordinaire.

7. The peacer-outter.

8. The dinner crasher who shows up and “just orders a soda.”

9. The incredibly adventurous eater.

10. The last-minute dessert-requester.

11. The friend who just got a raise.

12. And the oh-so-generous “I’ll just put it on my card and you can all pay me back” tab picker-upper.

A mix of personalities is part of what makes group dinners such a blast! Keep things from getting stressful at bill time with the help of Zelle®. Just enroll through your mobile banking app or with the Zelle® app, pick a person to pay*, and choose the amount — and your money will move quickly and securely**.

*Must have a bank account in the US to use Zelle®.

**Transactions between enrolled users usually take minutes.

Zelle and the Zelle marks are property of Early Warning Services, LLC.

Illustrations by Lyla Ribot / © BuzzFeed