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One Important Lesson All Football Announcers Need To Desperately Learn

Seriously, it's 2014. Get it together.

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And we try and respect a person's country of origin. Which is why announcers refer to this guy as Ronaldo, the PORTUGUESE player.

Right, because it would be strange, during the world cup, where a person is playing for his own country, to be referred to as a European player?


So why on earth is Vincent Enyeama, and his many peers, constantly referred to as the AFRICAN player?

I'm sorry, I didn't realize he was representing the entire continent of Africa during his game against Argentina, Mr.Announcer.

And what about Keisuke Honda, the Japanese player? I'm sure he isn't also representing countries like Lebanon, Jordan, and India while playing during the world cup. So why is he referred to as the Asian player?

It seems that the football announcers are quick to speak without being aware of the nuances of language, and the importance of conscientiousness.

A person, especially one possessing such a public platform, should always think before he speaks. With every word that you utter, you are inevitably influencing those around you by planting the seeds of either hate and ignorance, or intelligence and respect.

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