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16 Reasons You Need To Just Grow Up Already

Where the actual hell is the book on how to adult?

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1. You wake up one morning and it feels like the sad truth just lunges at you out of nowhere.

2. For one, you have had one too many Sunday morning reflections that go a little something like this: / Via

Great. So there goes another bar that I can no longer show my face at.

3. You realize that you still carry your college senior year perspective. And it's kind of a problem.


Wait, I barely have enough money to cover rent and wifi. Maybe I should start to care just a little.

4. You spend more time dodging your responsibilities than actually trying to manage them.

Disney / Via

5. You realize that you have the cooking skills of a toddler.

6. And sometimes, you genuinely feel like your cat is your best friend.


7. Your grocery shopping style needs to be dramatically revamped.

NBC / Via

Come on, girl. GET IT TOGETHER.

8. As do your weekly "workout" sessions.

9. You are ashamed to admit that even after graduating college, you still go to your parents to fix all of your problems.

10. It also doesn't help that this is how you feel about your job.

NBC / Via

11. You also justify staying up on netflix even though you know you have work the next day.

Nickelodeon / Via


12. Your fantasy relationship with Harry Styles has begun to stop you from dating actual real people.

But...I mean...It could happen...Maybe.

13. You begin to realize that the way you feel about your body is getting out of hand.

NBC / Via

NO IT AIN'T. You are a FlAwLeSs unicorn.

14. But what really isn't okay is how many duck face selfies you have on your instagram.


JFK get. it. together.

15. And why the hell does everyone around you seem to have it together while you're just flopping around in the background?

Metro Goldwyn Mayer / Via

16. But hey, you'll get it together. One day at a time.

Columbia Pictures / Via

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