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Why Obama Wants To Refight The Battles Of 2011 In His New Budget

Most of these proposals have been proposed before, as Obama challenges Republicans to block them once again. It's Jobs Act II.

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Barack Obama's budget this year is his greatest hits of 2011: a series of popular proposals that failed last year.

Now, Obama is daring Republicans to oppose them yet again.

According to an executive summary distributed by the White House, at least a dozen items — from the proposed National Infrastructure Bank to the “Buffett Rule” — were components of Obama’s ill-fated American Jobs Act. That bill, which was announced with great fanfare in September, was blocked by Republican lawmakers last fall.

Additionally, Obama’s tax reform plans — which would raise $1.5 trillion over a decade largely by eliminating deductions for the wealthy — were outlined in detail in his recommendations to the super committee. Those proposals were largely ignored by both Democratic and Republican lawmakers, and served as cover for the president, who wanted little to do with the doomed panel.

With the general election looming, Obama is once again challenging Republicans to vote against raising taxes for the wealthy (or asking them to "pay their fair share") and stimulative measures like infrastructure spending.

Check out the summary of Obama's budget below: