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Two Messages From The Romney Campaign

Mitt Romney's top advisers are mixing messages on their candidate's chances in the Iowa. It's all the expectations game.

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Stevens: I think Mitt Romney is going to get more conservative votes than anyone else, by far.

Q: In Iowa too?

Stevens: Yes. If you look at the Des Moines Register poll you'll see that we were getting more tea party votes than anyone else.

Fehrnstrom: "We have an organization that is national in scope, that is not built on one specific state or contest."

"We're just pleased to be in the hunt here in Iowa, we hope to do well. Our strategy doesn't depend on winning Iowa. We have a strong organization that can go the distance."

He added that placing in second place is not a loss:

"I don't know why second was a loss [in 2008]. In 2008 we finished over some better known names like John McCain and Rudy Giuliani. I can't predict what will happen tomorrow, but I can tell you that the nominee is not going to be decided on a single contest, it's going to be a series of contests over the next six months."