The Obama Campaign Catches March Madness

The Obama Bracket Challenge is here. It's more relatable than golf.

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President Barack Obama's reelection campaign is caught up in March Madness like the rest of the country, and its challenging supporters to put their bracket picks up against the commander in chief's.

Obama has yet to make his selections public, but his campaign is offering supporters the opportunity to go toe-to-toe with the president for bragging rights. The campaign is pledging to list the names of those who do better than Obama once the tournament is over.

Sports has long been a way for the cerebral president to connect to average Americans. His 2008 campaign made much of his habit of playing basketball on primary and caucus days as a good luck charm — and he often plays with staffers and administration officials in Washington.

Indeed, the bracket-picking president is a much better image than the president who enjoys 18-holes on a Sunday.

From the campaign:

Fill out your bracket below and see if you can beat President Obama's bracket predictions.

It's college basketball time again — and as friends and co-workers gather around the water cooler to talk top seeds and Cinderellas, here's your chance to fill out a bracket with the President himself.

And how's this for bragging rights: we'll publish a list of everyone who does better than the President here on after the tournament is over.