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    South Carolina Group Wants To Make Sure You Don't Forget Romney Once Tied His Dog To The Roof Of His Car

    Remember Seamus. "If he'll do this to his dog, what will he do to our country?"

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    MYRTLE BEACH, South Carolina—The group SC Forward Progress is claiming for yesterday's protest outside of Mitt Romney's rally in Charleston, S.C. yesterday, and has released a new web video critical of the governor for mistreating his dog Seamus, by strapping him to the roof of the family car for a 12-hour road trip.

    "Anyone who would strap their dog to the top of a moving car has neither a soul nor a brain," said group spokesman Tyler Jones in a statement. "Mitt Romney obviously does not share our South Carolina values. South Carolinians deserve to know about Mitt Romney's history of animal cruelty. We do not strap our dogs to the tops of cars in this state. Not only is it illegal, it's downright cruel. Mitt Romney is an odd man with a very strange past. He needs to apologize to all the dog lovers in South Carolina and hope the voters of this state don't treat him the same way he treats his pets."