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    Senator Mark Kirk Lobbies Colleagues Against Hagel

    Republican quietly circulates document detailing Hagel's position on Hezbollah that includes names of Americans killed by the organization.

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    In this Dec. 18, 2012, photo, U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk speaks about his recovery from a major stroke a year ago at his home in Highland Park, Illinois. Kirk said it is the hardest thing he's ever done. / AP

    WASHINGTON — Sentaor Mark Kirk is lobbying his colleagues against President Barack Obama's nominee for Secretary of Defense, handing out a document on the Senate floor with some of his controversial statements regarding the terrorist group Hezbollah.

    In office, Hagel declined to sign a congressional letter urging the European Union to blacklist the group.

    According to two Republicans familiar with the situation, the document included some of Hagel's positions and statements, as well as a list of the Americans who have been killed by the group. The list included 280 names, broken down by state.

    Kirk's office has been conducting a behind the scenes campaign against Hagel's nomination for sometime, lobbying members in both parties to oppose him.

    Kirk suffered a stroke last January and spent much of the year recovering. On Jan. 3, 2013, he resumed a regular schedule on Capitol Hill, walking up the Capitol steps with most of his colleagues standing and applauding.

    A copy of the "fact sheet" obtained by Buzzfeed is below:

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