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Senate Candidate Claims She Never Backed Social Security Privatization

New Mexico Republican Senate candidate Heather Wilson says she never backed Social Security privatization, but a decade ago she said she supported those efforts.

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Former Congresswoman Heather Wilson says she's never supported privatizing Social Security, but her record indicates an openness to doing just that.

In a Facebook post Monday, the New Mexico Senate candidate wrote that she's always opposed efforts to privatize the public insurance program.

While in 2002 Wilson said she was opposed to efforts by the government to privatize Social Security by investing in the stock market, however, a Democratic source points out, she did express openness to so-called "personal retirement accounts," which would allow private citizens to invest at least some of their social security taxes in accounts earmarked for their own retirement.

The Albuquerque Journal reported in 2002:

In 1998, Wilson told an Albuquerque newspaper she supported 'innovative approaches that would allow working people to put at least some of their Social Security payments into personalized pension funds,' A Wilson spokesman said the congresswoman is still willing to consider such a plan.

Matt Canter, the spokesman for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee said in a statement: "Heather Wilson is not only corrupt, she's a self serving politician who will say anything to get elected, even lie to constituents about her long record working with the Bush Administration to privatize Social Security."