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Romney Tells A Story About His Barber

Among the many Americans not doing well in the Obama economy.

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HAMILTON, Montana — Mitt Romney understands that Americans are still suffering as the economic recovery lags — even his own barber.

“By the way, a lot of people are hurting. You go across the country — not everybody is doing as well as everyone else,” he told donors at a fundraiser here Wednesday evening.

Romney told stories of several Americans who are struggling to get by, including a recent college graduate from Philadelphia who can't find a full-time job and a couple from Wisconsin who've lost their retirement savings.

“Or the barber in New Hampshire cutting my hair," Romney added. "I asked him, ‘how old are you,’ he said ‘I’m 70.’ So I said, ‘why don’t you retire,’ and he said ‘I can’t. I had hoped to retire by now, but can’t afford it.’”

Democrats have tried to brand the multi-millionaire Romney as someone who is out of touch and who can't relate to average Americans. Romney and his wife, Ann, have repeatedly challenged those attacks, saying people who think he can't relate just don't know him very well.