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    Romney Shuts Down Occupiers At Rally, Says They Want To Turn U.S. Into Cuba Or North Korea.

    "Actually, these are the people — you are the interrupters."

    JIM YOUNG / Reuters

    ORMOND BEACH, Florida—Mitt Romney didn't mince his words in response to chants from a group of Occupy activists at a rally here, saying the protesters want to turn the United States into North Korea or Cuba.

    As the activists shouted "We are the 99 percent—we are the people," Romney responded "Actually, these are the people — you are the interrupters."

    "We believe in the Constitution — we believe in the right of speech — and they believe in interrupting," he added to cheers of U-S-A.

    The protesters were escorted out of the event by Romney staff, security and police officers.

    "I love these guys, by the way, who don't like America and our free enterprise system — and they have something else in mind," Romney continued, using their chants as a foil to his campaign slogan. "Take a look at Cuba. Take a look at North Korea. Take a look at the former Soviet Union. Our system works, what they're fighting for does not work — I believe in America."

    Romney used a similar line on a rope line in South Carolina, and the occupiers may be helping his campaign more than anything.

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