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Romney: "I Feel Great About Ohio"

The Republican nominee casts his ballot in Massachusetts.

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Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and his wife, Ann, cast their ballots this morning in Bedford, Massachusetts, not far from their home.

According to the pool report, Romney said he feels "very, very good" about his chances today. Asked him he felt good about Ohio, he responded, "Yeah, I feel great about Ohio."

Romney is now en route to the airport for two final campaign events in Cleveland and Pittsburgh.

The full pool report:

Gov. Romney and his wife, Ann, arrived at the Beech Street Center polling place at 8:41 a.m., where they were greeted by a fairly large crowd outside. Some people toted pro-Obama signs and a woman held a sign that read "Mitt and Ann enjoy your new White House."

The Romney's entered the polling room around 8:48 p.m. picked up the voting materials from poll workers and walked over to two of the twelve voting booths in the room.

Gov. Romney worse a blue suit and a tie. Ann wore a long teal jacket, a black top, brown belt and black boots.

The process took them about three minutes altogether. When they finished filling out the ballots, the Romneys walked over to poll workers on the other side of the room and handed in their ballots.

Asked by a reporter as he left the room who he voted for, Romney said, "I think you know." He also said that he felt "very, very good" about his prospects.

The pool was then ushered out of the room, and waited outside at the front entrance of the senior .The Romney's emerged a minute later and the crowd gathered on the nearby streets greeted them with cheers. The Romneys then exchanged a kiss.

Asked him he felt good about Ohio, he responded, "Yeah, I feel great about Ohio."

Before climbing into the black SUV waiting for him, he also exchanged hugs with family members, including his son Tagg.

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