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Romney "Excited," Happy He's No Longer Outnumbered

"It’s now two-on-two instead of two-on-one."

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Mitt Romney repeatedly said he's "excited" by his first day of campaigning with running mate Paul Ryan, saying he's glad he's no longer outnumbered and has someone else to take some of the flak.

"It’s now two-on-two instead of two-on-one," Romney said aboard the campaign plane. "This is good."

"They’ve got someone else to pick on too," he said, according to a pool report, adding a signature "Ha, ha ha," for good measure.

"It’s nice to be on stage and have someone else who’s up there fighting, taking the message to the people," he said. "And you saw the response of our crowds. They were very excited to meet Paul Ryan, to get to know him. A lot of them know him pretty well already by virtue of the things he’s been fighting for. But it just means one more person to drive a very strong message. For us this is a campaign of ideas and about a direction for America. What kind of people we could be, what kind of nation we could be. How are we going to help people across this country have a better future. And having two people to talk about that, I think is a far more compelling dynamic in just being out there on my own. So I’m excited. It also mean that we’ll be able to be in different states at different times and energize our colleagues and hopefully bring some people across the aisle to join our team."