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    Romney Drove A Canadian-Made Car In Detroit Ad

    Oops. Not the message he was trying to send.

    Mitt Romney's new Michigan ad, designed to showcase his roots in the state, could have used some more vetting.

    Romney, who drives a 2012 Chrysler 300 sedan in the ad, is actually not driving a car built in Michigan or even in the United States — that model is assembled in Canada.

    "The Chrysler 300 is built at our Chrysler Group assembly plant in Brampton, Ontario," said Chrysler spokesman Jiyan Cadiz in an email to BuzzFeed, who confirmed that Romney was driving that model.

    Michigan is a must-win state for the son of a former Michigan governor. Romney is seeking "favorite-son" status, but has been struggling in statewide polls of late.

    Update: The Huffington Post's Jason Linkins wrote about this yesterday.

    Watch the full ad below:

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