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Romney: Divine Intervention No Longer Needed For Santorum To Be The Nominee

Walks back top aide's "Act of God" quote.

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Mitt Romney no longer thinks it will take an "Act of God" for Rick Santorum to be the Republican nominee, as a top aide told reporters last week.

Fox News' Bill Hemmer asked Romney whether he agreed with the top aide's quote, given to reporters at a background briefing at his Boston campaign headquarters last week, Romney replied, "No, no no."

"Anybody has a shot at becoming the nominee," Romney continued. "We're in a good strong spot at this point. My message of jobs and the economy is what's winning it for me."

Last week the aide told reporters: "It's going to take some kind of act of God to get where they need to get to the nomination."

"The nomination is an impossibility for Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich," the aide added, saying that "they would have to bent the laws of reality" to pull off a win at this stage.

Romney's decision to walk back the line may be a reflection of the bi-partisan consensus that the delegate math doesn't quite add up for Romney yet.