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Romney Dissed Neighborhood Where He Is Now Highlighting Business Record

Roxbury, Mass. was too crime-infested for Bain to invest in businesses there, Romney said in 1994.

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Presumptive Republican nominee will tour Middlesex Truck & Coach in Roxbury, Mass. today — a neighborhood he once deemed too crime-infested for investment by his private equity firm.

"We never think of going to Roxbury or Dorchester," Romney said in an interview with The Brockton Enterprise and reprinted in the Boston Herald in November of 1994. "Why do we never think about it? Crime."

Romney walked back the comment that same day to the Boston Herald:

When pressed by reporters yesterday, Romney appeared to soften his comments, saying he would encourage businesses to locate to job-starved areas such as Roxbury. ‘Absolutely,’ said Romney. ‘That’s the place I would encourage the most. Places where we need jobs most so we can help people to get back into the work force.’