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Romney Attacks Unions, Courts Union Members

Romney reacts to Wisconsin recall results. "The union members, they'll support us."

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SAN ANTONIO, Texas — Republican nominee Mitt Romney responded to Wisconsin Republican governor Scott Walker's victory in his recall election yesterday, calling it a signal "that will echo throughout the country."

"There have I believe three in history — recall elections for governors" he continued. "Two of them lost, yesterday’s was won by the people of Wisconsin doing the right thing and voting for conservative principles.”

Romney took aim at unions — particularly teachers unions — who he said are working a against school reforms.

“There is no question that he will follow the bidding of the people who write the checks to his campaign, and they are the organized unions of teachers and public sector workers," Romney said. "And what do they want, the teachers want to make sure that we don’t fix our schools by putting in place the very reforms we know will make them the best in the world. It is a tragedy.”

Romney encouraged his donors to confront their "liberal friends" about supporting a party that prioritizes teachers over students.

“If you have some liberal friends, just say to them ‘what about the kids?’" Romney said. "How can you have a party — how can you support a party that puts the interests of the teachers unions against the interests of our kids.”

Speaking to about 380 donors at an event that brought in more than $3 million, Romney lauded union members who break with their leaders.

“The union members, they’ll support us," he said. "Without the union members who support our campaign and support conservative principles — we wouldn’t have Scott Walker win in Wisconsin if that weren’t the case.”

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