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Romney Campaign Stays Away From BLS "Truther" Charges

As conservative blogosphere says the fix is in, Romney campaign doesn't play along.

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ABINGTON, Va. — Aides to Mitt Romney are avoiding a conservative effort to cast the latest September jobs report as rigged by the Obama administration.

Almost immediately after the Bureau of Labor Statistics released the jobless number showing the lowest rate since Obama took office, conservatives jumped on them as politically motivated. But the Romney campaign isn't playing along.

"We’re going to address the numbers as they’ve been released," Romney policy director Lanhee Chen said on Fox Business this morning.

Chen was pressed by Stuart Varney on whether the campaign was staying away from the charge, and he indicated the campaign would leave that to other people.

VARNEY: “Lanhee, I hate to interrupt you Lanhee, but this is a very, very big deal for a lot of our viewers and for the economy generally. We’ve had people on the show saying the government is cooking the books, cooking the books. They don't trust the numbers. They’re skeptical of the numbers. Now, you’re not going to have any part of that? You’re not going to say they’re cooking the books? It’s convenient for the Obama Administration? you are walking away from that are you?

CHEN: “I’m going to leave that speculation to other people and just say that we’re going to address the numbers they’ve been released.”