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RNC Launches "Celebrity" Attack On Obama Before Clooney Fundraiser

Will it work better than it did in 2008?

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The Republican National Committee is launching an attack on President Barack Obama's "celebrity" status, hours before an eight-figure fundraiser for Obama reelection effort at the home of George Clooney.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus penned an op-ed on RedState lamenting the tenure of the "Celebrity-in-Chief," while press secretary Kirsten Kukowski wrote reporters:

President Obama is headed to Hollywood to hobnob with celebrities while the middle class continues to be squeezed by Obama’s policies. For three and a half years we’ve had a celebrity president and based on new polling in Ohio and Florida where an incumbent president is tied and his approval remains below 50 percent, Americans agree that it hasn’t worked out as everyone had hoped.

The attack is reminiscent of John McCain's 2008 charge that Obama was "the biggest celebrity in the world," and an ad from the Republican Super-PAC American Crossroads after Obama slow-jammed the news on Jimmy Fallon last month.

As part of the attack, the RNC clipped a video of Obama discussing in 2006 how his celebrity helped him raise money before his presidential campaign.

American Crossroads Ad

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McCain 2008 Ad

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