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Republicans Press Obama On Gay Marriage

Former NY Gov. George Pataki scoffs at Obama's "evolution" on the issue. "Either you are for something or you are against it."

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Former New York Gov. George Pataki scoffed at President Barack Obama's "evolution" on gay marriage on a conference call with reporters Tuesday morning.

"Either you are for something or you are against it," Pataki said on a call about Obama's visit to New York State today to tour a nanotechnology program.

"Vice President Biden has made it clear that he is for it," Pataki said. "President Obama seems to want to have it both ways."

"If you ask me, his position is a lot like what he said to Prime Minister Medvedev at the open mic — that he will have more flexibility after the election. I think the American people deserve to know today where he stands on this issue, not a year from now."

Pataki, who was seen as a relatively liberal Republican on gay rights during his time in office, is against gay marriage.

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