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Report: Huntsman's Wife Distrusted Aides

Next installment of Politico's e-book includes Huntsman-world drama.

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Mary Kaye Huntsman, the wife for former presidential candidate Jon Huntsman, complained to POLITICO's Mike Allen that she thought some of her husband's advisers were out to help themselves, and not the campaign.

"Some on the campaign didn't have my husband's best interest at heart," Allen quoted her as saying during a POLITICO live stream this afternoon. The exchange will appear in the second installment of Allen's e-book series on the 2012 campaign to be released on Monday.

One former Huntsman staffer said he hoped she was referring to money spent, and not the advice given, but said he couldn't point to a specific instance that would warrant that response.

Allen also said the book includes an argument within the Romney campaign that divided the candidate's family and staff, but didn't elaborate on the details.

UPDATE: The Huntsman staffer clarifies: "The campaign infrastructure was too big at the start, and we adjusted, but I would really hope she wouldn't think we didn't have his best interests at heart, because the advice that was given did."


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