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Pro-Israel Group Launches Anti-Obama Ad In Israel

On eve of Romney visit, the Emergency Committee for Israel buys full-page ad in English-language Israeli paper.

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JERUSALEM — When Mitt Romney and his traveling press corps wake up on Sunday morning, on their hotel doorknobs here they will find a copy of The Jerusalem Post — Israel's largest English daily paper — and in it, a full-page ad attacking President Barack Obama's leadership on Israel.

The ad, which is also running in the paper today on page A3, quotes several top American Jewish officials and others warning of "problems" under Obama's leadership. (It also appeared in several American papers on Thursday.) "What will they be saying after another four years of Obama," the ad asks.

Romney has said he will refrain from criticizing the president on his week-long overseas trip, telling the country's oldest paper, Haaretz, on Thursday, “I don’t want to make any comment about the president.”

The group behind the ads, the hawkish Emergency Committee for Israel, said the overseas ads were targeted at Americans in Israel — especially the journalists traveling with Romney.

"There's a large population of American expats in Israel, along with tourists, students, part-time residents, and journalists," said Noah Pollak, the executive director of the group. "So placing the ad in the Jerusalem Post is a natural compliment to running it in Jewish papers across the U.S. It's important that pro-Israel Americans everywhere see that even those inclined to support President Obama in general find his treatment of Israel troubling."