Portman Responds To Axelrod Attack: “I Guess They’re Worried”

Potential Republican VP pick responds to criticism from top Obama adviser.

Ohio Sen. Rob Portman responded to criticism of his service in the Bush administration by President Barack Obama’s senior adviser David Axelrod, saying, “I guess they’re worried.”

“The challenge with Senator Portman, is that the Senator Portman was one of the architects of the last administration’s budget policies,” Axelrod said dismissively last night, when asked about Portman as a potential running-mate for Romney on a conference call will reporters.

On a conference call with Ohio reporters today, Portman, who is the favorite among Republican insiders to be Mitt Romney’s Vice Presidential nominee, said that in 2007 when he was in office, the federal budget deficit was $161 billion, compared with $1.3 trillion today.

“If they’d like to talk about budgets, I’d love to have that discussion,” Portman said.

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