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Portman Keeps Vague Ohio Schedule Friday

Romney may be closing in on a running mate. Portman, Rubio and Pawlenty have schedules, but there's a lot of empty space.

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With The New York Times reporting that Mitt Romney may announce his running-mate pick as soon as this week, the leading contenders for the spot all profess to be otherwise occupied.

Romney will begin a week-long overseas trip next week, leaving the end of this week his last opportunity to announce a selection before August 1st. Spokespeople for Sen. Rob Portman, Sen. Marco Rubio, and former Gov. Tim Pawlenty all say their schedules are booked this week.

A person close to Pawlenty — who is emerging as the leading contender to be Romney's vice presidential pick — said he planned to be in Minnesota all week.

A spokesman for Rubio told BuzzFeed that he would be in "Washington all week for votes."

The Columbus Dispatch's Joe Vardon reported that Portman will be in Washington on Wednesday and Thursday, with unspecified events likely to be added on Friday.

Portman spokesman Jeff Sadosky added to BuzzFeed that he will be in Northwest Ohio on Friday for a mix of official and non-official events.