Poll: Most Michiganders Not Sure The Trees Are Right Height

Sorry Mitt… But Democrats are more likely to agree with Romney on proper arboreal stature than Republicans, new PPP Poll finds.

Mitt Romney caused a fuss in Michigan earlier this year when he declared that “The trees are the right height,” in the state.

A BuzzFeed reader at the time thought Romney was channelling Hemingway, but his position puts him at odds with many Michiganders who aren’t sure whether or not the trees are up to snuff.

A new Public Policy Polling survey shows that a majority of voters in the state aren’t sure whether the trees are the right height, while Democrats are far more likely to agree with Romney than Republicans. Among the all-important Independent voters in the state, more voters disagree with Romney (10 percent) and more say they aren’t sure if he’s right (62 percent).

3. In Michigan, do you think the trees are the right height, or not?

Via PPP Poll

4. Among Democrats

Via PPP Poll

5. Among Republicans

Via PPP Poll

6. Independents/Other

Via PPP Poll

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