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Paul Ryan Is "Sugar-Free"

So says the young daughter of the would-be veep. Except for ice cream, donuts, and apple frittes.

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CIRCLEVILLE, Ohio — Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan's 10-year-old daughter ribbed her father on Saturday at a stop at Lindsey's Bakery, where the health-nut candidate fretted about his donut order.

"These are all sugar free-right?" Ryan quipped as some obviously sugary treats were loaded in a container for his kids during a campaign stop here.

His daughter, Liza, then proclaimed to the man at the counter — and the assembled press ‚ that her father is "sugar free," pointing at him as the crowd cracked up. "Except for donuts and Ice Cream," she added after a few seconds.

Ryan, who is famous for his commitment to healthy eating and exercising, revealed another of his exceptions. "And apple fritters," he said at the stop.

Bakery owner Katie Miller was asked before Ryan walked in how she would deal with the picky eater.

"I'll just have to feed him full of them.," she said. "He'll like least one of them."

Ryan walked out of the story with a dozen of the store's signature pumpkin donuts and cookies for his campaign bus. It's not clear whether he tried any of it.