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    Dec 5, 2012

    Paul Ryan Hints At A Run For President In 2016

    "Losing...can prepare the way for great victories."

    Mary Altaffer, File / AP

    WASHINGTON — Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan hinted at a potential run for the Oval Office in 2016 Tuesday, speaking at the Jack Kemp Foundation Leadership Awards Dinner.

    "Losing is part of politics and can often prepare the way for the greatest victories," Ryan said, discussing the Republican ticket's loss last month.

    Ryan, the only past winner of the Kemp award, was the keynote speaker at the dinner honoring Sen. Marco Rubio, another potential candidate.

    "As you may know, Marco is joining an elite group of past recipients for this award — two of us so far," he quipped. "I’ll see you at the reunion dinner — table for two. You know any good diners in New Hampshire or Iowa?"

    "I’m sure the press won’t read too much into that one," he added.

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