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    Paul Campaign Goes Negative On Huntsman/Santorum

    Scared? Or just trying to steal some votes?

    Elise Amendola / AP

    Ron Paul's presidential campaign is going negative on Jon Huntsman and Rick Santorum this morning.

    Here's the collection of emails from Paul spokesman Gary Howard.

    1. Jon Huntsman Does Have A Record:

    Slams Huntsman for supporting cap and trade.

    2. Jon Huntsman Does Have A Record Pt. II…:

    Attacks Huntsman for supporting the stimulus bill.

    3. FYI: Jon Huntsman is not a serious candidate for president...

    Jon Huntsman is not a serious candidate for president…

    He could not compete in Iowa.

    He has not qualified for the Illinois ballot, the 5th largest state.

    He has not qualified for the Virginia ballot, the 12th largest state.

    4. Numbers so far


    The person who came in top three in Iowa, is polling 2nd in New Hampshire, did the best in last night’s debate, and is top 2 in fundraising received only 1 question in the first 35 minutes of this debate.

    5. Pennsylvania Newspapers On Santorum – “A Black Belt In Hypocrisy” Who “Exemplifies The Worst Of Washington”

    6. Huntsman May Prefer Obama Presidency

    Jon Huntsman would have a “very, very tough time” voting for Ron Paul, a real conservative:

    “Jon Huntsman said he would have a "very, very tough time" voting for Ron Paul if he won the GOP nomination and faced off against Barack Obama in the 2012 general election.

    “While he credited Paul for being "consistent," he added that Paul's strict Constitutionalist ideology "is not where the American people are, at all."

    Maybe that’s because he probably favors his old boss, whom he calls a “remarkable leader”.

    7. Santorum Versus The Right to Work