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    Obama Super PAC Steps Up Bain Capital Attack

    Undeterred by Democratic pushback, Priorities USA Action launches new TV ad slamming Romney on his private equity background. "This was a booming place, and Mitt Romney and Bain Capital turned it into a junkyard — just make money and leave it."

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    UPDATE: Romney's press secretary, Andrea Saul, released the following statement in response to the ad:

    Another day, another misleading attack from President Obama’s allies. President Obama thinks the economy is ‘doing fine,’ in spite of the fact that 23 million Americans are struggling for work, incomes have fallen, and America is drowning in debt. President Obama’s own supporters – even former President Clinton – have criticized these distorted attacks on free enterprise, calling them ‘nauseating’ and ‘unfair.’ Unlike President Obama, Mitt Romney has the record and pro-growth plan to fix the economy and get our country back on the right track.

    UPDATE 2: According to Priorities spokesperson, this is part of the $7 million campaign announced a few weeks ago. The ad will air in CO, FL, OH, PA, and VA.

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