Obama SuperPAC Ad Accusing Romney Of Contributing To Woman's Death Now On TV

    Released online a week ago, the ad by Priorities USA has received a ton of free media and has been debunked by an array of fact checkers — now it's hitting TV. It aired for the first time in Cleveland this morning.

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    The controversial Obama super PAC ad accusing Mitt Romney of contributing to the death of a woman whose husband lost health insurance is hitting TV for the first time.

    The ad has been widely debunked by fact-checkers, who noted that the woman had health insurance of her own at the time.

    Despite that, the Obama campaign has refused to disavow the ad, despite repeated calls from the Romney campaign to do so, claiming they were unfamiliar with the man's situation. The man, Joe Soptic, aired the charge on an Obama campaign conference call earlier this year, and his story has appeared on the Obama website.

    The super PAC, Priorities USA, first released the ad online, and eight days later they are now putting it on air. It played for the first time in Cleveland this morning, according to an ad tracking source.

    UPDATE: A spokesperson for Priorities USA claims the airing was "station error."