Obama: Does Anyone Actually Think Romney’s Into Coal?

“Now he’s runnin’ around talkin’ like he’s Mr. Coal,” Obama says.

U.S. President Barack Obama speaks during a campaign rally at Cornell College in Mt Vernon, Iowa, October 17, 2012. Jason Reed / Reuters

ATHENS, Ohio — President Barack Obama mocked his opponent Mitt Romney’s efforts to appear more down-to-earth, noting his recent embrace of coal on the campaign trail.

“Now he’s runnin’ around talkin’ like he’s Mr. Coal,” Obama told a crowd of 14,000 students and residents at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. “Come on. Come on. You know that’s not on the level.”

“Does everybody actually look at that guy and say, man, he’s really into coal,” Obama asked, as the crowd shouted “No!”

In coal country in Southeast Ohio, Obama noted that Romney seemed uncomfortable in a recent ad taped about coal, adding that it came out that many of the coal miners were forced by their bosses to attend the rally with the former Massachusetts governor.

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