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    Obama Campaign: Romney Was Number One In Debt, Number Forty-Seven In Jobs Creation

    New attack ad hits Romney on Massachusetts record. Romney campaign calls it a "distortion."

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    Romney press secretary Andrea Saul released this statement responding to the new ad:

    President Obama has overseen trillion-dollar deficits, soaring national debt and the first credit downgrade in history. Mitt Romney, on the other hand, closed a $3 billion budget shortfall, balanced four budgets, left a $2 billion rainy day fund and received a credit rating upgrade. President Obama will do anything to distract from his abysmal economic record and – despite that record – the fact that he thinks the private sector is ‘doing fine.' Mitt Romney knows our country can do better and, under his leadership, it will do better.

    The Romney campaign also released this chart comparing the Obama and Romney records:

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