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    Obama Booed When He Won't Kiss On Kiss Cam

    Tough crowd. But the First Couple got a kiss, and applause, on the second pass.

    President Barack Obama was booed for the second time in less than a month over a controversial sports-related move.

    From the pool report of tonight's Team USA v.s. Brazil game in Washington tonight:

    FLOTUS and POTUS put on "Kiss Cam" in Verizon Center.
    POTUS had his arm around his wife, both smiled, didn't kiss.
    Boos from crowd.

    Last month in Boston, Obama was booed after a he joked about the Red Sox trading the popular Kevin Youkilis to his beloved Chicago White Sox.

    #Obama gets 2nd chance on Kiss Cam. Mrs. Obama let's him get a nice one on the lips. #USA crowd cheers

    #Obama gets 2nd chance on Kiss Cam. Mrs. Obama let's him get a nice one on the lips. #USA crowd cheers-- Luke Russert

    White House Makes Sure Press Can Catch The Second-Chance Kiss:

    Per pooler Elizabeth Traynor:

    Pool Report #9

    Pool left with 2:41 left in second quarter.

    Returned to motorcade.

    Returned back into Verizon Center at 9:37 p.m.

    Pool Report #1

    Your pool back in hallway near Verizon Center court.

    Briefly left, sat in motorcade, before returning to court.

    POTUS not visible from current spot.

    6:50 left in fourth quarter, 65-55 USA.

    Pool Report #11

    Moved to spot on floor with visibility.

    POTUS and FLOTUS joined by Malia Obama, who is in a blue and white striped shirt.

    First couple put on kiss cam again, this time POTUS leaned in and kissed his wife.

    Cheers from crowd, cries of "four more years" heard.

    Pool back to motorcade 9:54

    KEVIN LAMARQUE / Reuters

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