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    Not Even Occupy Des Moines Can Faze Mitt Romney Tonight

    Confident candidate ignores "mic check" on caucus eve

    JEWEL SAMAD / Getty Images

    Republican White House hopeful Mitt Romney walks out of his bus as he arrives to meet voters at a local restaurant in Atlantic, Iowa, on January 1, 2012. Romney held a slim lead Sunday atop the field of Republican presidential hopefuls in Iowa, going into a two-day campaign blitz before the state casts the first votes of the US election season.

    CLIVE, Iowa—Mitt Romney was "mic checked" by Occupy Des Moines protesters at a caucus eve rally here, and came out stronger for it.

    Romney deftly handled the shouts of "mic check" and "stop the war on the poor," stopping his speech to allow them to be heard, and letting his supporters shout them down.

    One man shouted "get a job" to the protesters, drawing an audible "Ha-ha-ha-ha" from Romney. Others chanted "Mitt-Mitt-Mitt" to overpower the handful of protesters, who were eventually escorted out of the event by Romney security.

    The interruption injected more energy into the packed warehouse, with Romney's voice rising an octave, and audience members cheering louder and stronger.

    Romney's confident demeanor underscores his faith in what he said earlier today — that he's going to win tomorrow night.

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