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    Mitt Romney's Strange Excuse For Burying His Tax Returns

    He blames his accountant. Doesn't that guy work for him?

    Reporter: What time do you plan to release your tax returns tomorrow, and why are you releasing them on the same day as the president's state of the union address?

    Mitt Romney: "The reason that they're being released that day is that the trustee of my trust, that invests our family funds is available that day. His name is Brad Malt and he's in New York on that day. I don't know the time, I think its sometime in the morning, but was just to accomodate his schedule."

    R. Bradford Malt, a partner at the law firm Ropes & Gray's Boston office, did not immediately reply to an email from BuzzFeed as to why he needs to be in New York to release the returns. According to his corporate biography, Malt founded the firm's private equity practice, and concentrates on corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions.